3 Products to Repair Damaged Hair Post Summer

Fall in Texas is full of diamond days now that the summer furnace has been switched off (for the most part) in favor of cooler nights with blessed relief from nonstop humidity, and your hair is ready for prime time—or is it?

Did you over-process and under-moisturize during those crazy, hazy days of summer? Did the daily ritual of straightening, then carefully curling and twirling up those beachy waves leave your ends damaged and split, without shine and healthy bounce?

It’s OK, because we’ve got the lowdown on a few products and techniques to take that crunchy, dry and dull mane back to its glorious shine in no time at all.

Maui Moisture

Maui Wowee

Speaking of coconut, Maui Moisture has a beautifully packaged, jewel-hued quartet of products all formulated with either coconut oil or coconut water, aloe vera and shea butter to repair damaged hair when used together.

This “Heal and Hydrate” suite of products is notable for its one-two punch of superfood ingredients, aloe and coconut. The aloe vera component contains an enzyme that repairs dead cells on your scalp, while the coconut water found in the Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo has immensely beneficial anti-fungal properties, which help reduce dandruff and also lauric acid, which improves hair strength and thickness.

Try smoothing a tiny, dime-sized or less amount of the Heal + Hydrate + Shea Butter Raw Oil onto towel-dried, damp hair before styling and you’ll be amazed at the youthful, shiny results.


Flower Power

Love your new hair color but hate how quickly it seems to lose that fresh-from-the-salon shine and color brilliance? Color fade progression can be reduced by using OGX Fade-Defying + Orchid Oil Collection.

“Orchid Oil, cold-pressed directly from the orchid flower, has a lightweight formula that balances moisture by helping to fill in cracks and imperfections in the hair cuticle to unveil brilliance and shine.”

This collection also features acai berry extract with zinc to promote scalp health, and UVA/UVB filters to protect the hair follicle from fading and retain color longer.

Miriam Quevedo

Caviar Dreams

Nothing elicits more skepticism in the hair world like the phrase “leave-in conditioner,” especially for those of us living in humidity-heavy Texas, but Miriam Quevedo has come to your frizzy, follicular rescue with Glacial White Caviar Resort Leave-In Conditioner.

This lightweight spray, when combed through onto damp hair, contains a complex formula that “detangles, eliminates frizz and protects against heat and color fading, while advanced biotechnology penetrates the hair fiber with potent antioxidants and peptides to repair, strengthen and protect from the inside out.”

And there’s also a nice anti-aging boost from the fatty-acid rich proteins found in the white caviar oil ingredient, as well as camellia oil, which restores elasticity and softness.


Did You Know?

The first rule of great hair color retention is to lay off the hot, hot water. It’s almost like pretending that your crowning glory is like a high-end, high thread count set of bed linens—would you throw your best set of sheets into the hottest wash every time you stripped them off the bed?

It’s just as important to go easy on freshly colored or processed hair, because we’ve heard more than a few stylists snicker that behind their scissors. Those who wash their hair in the hottest water are essentially washing their color—and hard-earned money—down the drain.


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