3 Skin Creams to Fight Winter Irritation

At this frigid moment, spring might seem months away. But in April, when you’re holding up that one outfit in the mirror that’s sure to turn heads, will your skin rise to the challenge of looking its dewy best?

That’s especially true when you consider that right now, you’re probably reading this in a climate-controlled space where dry, re-circulated air is being blasted directly onto your poor pores. Fight your winter skin irritations with these luscious, innovative skin creams that feature new formulations which promise to last all year long.

Your Epidermis is Showing—Some Highway Miles

Clarins has long been a major player in the epidermis enterprise, and is now expanding research on skin beauty to include the proper care and maintenance of fibrolasts, which are small cells within the dermis that seem to slow down over time as your hormones fluctuate. Instead of letting fibrolasts increase wrinkle depth and age-spot discoloration (and number), Clarins has formulated two creams to give this problem a delicate yet effective one-two punch. Try the Super Restorative Day Cream with micro pearls to plump up problem areas, vitamin C for age spots and Hyaluronic Acid for hydration. Insider tip: It’s always good to see those last two items in a cosmetic ingredient list, as these are true workhorses of skin repair. Then, use Super Restorative Night Cream, which features Montpellier rose extract to boost those pesky fibrolasts.


Put Some Muscle in It

Clairvoyant Beauty believes in beauty for women who “want natural ingredients without sacrificing results,” and has developed a Skin Firming DMAE cream which when applied, increases acetylcholine, which in turn “gently causes the facial muscles to contract and calm inflamed capillaries.” Brown spots will fade, and the moisturizing effects of meadow foam seed oil will guard your pores against deep winter wear and tear.


Swiss Army of Two

For over 25 years, Valmont group has used the best of Swiss medicine innovations to advance the cause of beauty and cosmetic enhancement. Now, they urge us to “double up on moisture this winter” with the Valmont Moisturizing With a Cream and Moisturizing with a Mask products. Triple DNA is the secret inside the first cream with botanical extracts to “postpone the appearance of aging skin,” while the mask is great for instant facial pep-me-ups, which “wraps skin with intense moisture and strengthening Rosa extract.”


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