A Shopper’s Paradise in Wimberley

Texas small towns are built on tradition; at this time-honored Hill Country event you’ll find anything you’d ever want (and then some).

A beloved community event since 1964, Wimberley Market Days is the second largest outdoor market, and one of the oldest, in Texas, held the first Saturday of every month from March to December.

Visit more than 475 vendors’ booths, which trade in everything from antiques and handcrafted jewelry to spices and baked goods, and enjoy the live music, food and tree-shaded paths along the way.

Although visitors arrive from all over the state and beyond to shop at Market Days, there’s a refreshing atmosphere of small-town sociability. Some vendors have been taking part in the event for as many as 30 years. And you can feel good about filling your shopping bags: The Wimberley Lions Club donates profits from booth rentals and concessions to charities and scholarships.

Wimberley, a popular tourist destination year-round, is known for its scenery as well as its seasonal shindigs: Ancient cypress trees droop over crystal clear rivers, and ribbons of road wind through stone-strewn, rolling hills. Art galleries and restaurants, local swimming holes, outdoor attractions and the close proximity to Austin and San Antonio make it a setting you can hang your hat for a Market Day weekend or for weeks at a time.

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