A Texas-Style Neverland

Located about 30 miles west of Austin near Spicewood, Cypress Valley’s four treehouses are nestled high above a cypress-lined creek, creating a magical home away from home in the Hill Country.

The setting is a Texas-style Neverland—an escape back to childhood, the reawakening of magic. The fireflies are dancing fairies. The murmur of the creek below is a river running to an enchanted sea. The armadillos rustling in the grass are friendly tigers. But no doubt Peter Pan would be lost in the luxe accommodations: Cypress Valley’s treetop abodes were clearly made for adults.

Each of the four treehouses is unique in construction and atmosphere. Amenities range from spacious outside decks to plush, canopied beds.

The Nest, which can accommodate four to six guests, has two heated and air-conditioned bedrooms, a lounge for games or reading, a kitchenette and a private bathhouse.

The Lofthaven, which accommodates two, has a breakfast bar and a private bath cottage on the ground with a heated natural rock tub.

Juniper and Willow, single-room treehouses, are the newest and most rustic of the arboreal offerings; they share a common bathroom facility a short walk away.

In addition to the treehouses, they offer zip line canopy tours and employs environmentally sensitive practices, including solar and water energy sources, rainwater collection and permaculture-based land management.

For any grown-up with a sense of adventure, a night here among the trees is a dream come true.


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