Achieve Texas-Haute Midcentury Modern Design

Put the stereotypical antler chandelier and wagon wheel table on the proverbial shelf and see how Texas has managed to stay true to our rustic roots amid design trends that are moving—full speed ahead—toward midcentury modern.

Linda Eyles, lead designer for Linda Eyles Design, tells us, “With widespread shifts toward simpler, cleaner designs in furniture and furnishings, you have to establish interest—and luxury—through other, often more creative design elements.” Eyles further explains that along with the swing toward simplicity is the growing demand for comfort and easy living.

The reality is, people are spending more time in their homes, both living and entertaining. It’s important to make spaces not only luxurious to look at but lavish to live in.

“We call it comfortable contemporary,” comments Tracey Shingledecker, owner of Back Row Home. “Sometimes that means introducing layers, textures and natural elements to add luxury and coziness. Other times it means building out a full bar right in the living room to elevate the ability to entertain, comfortably.”

Regardless, the trend—and challenge—lies in creating the requested warm and welcoming spaces that are comfortable and livable within the context of the sleek and simple midcentury modern design. Here are a few haute tips to consider:

Layer Up

In an environment where furniture and finishes are simpler, don’t be afraid to add interest through luxe layers. Balance that concrete floor with an animal skin rug and an inviting Tibetan or Mongolian fur throw.

Texturize It

Select a complex and interesting fabric on furnishings or hang a statement tapestry to add texture and variety to an otherwise simple design.

Concealed Comfort

Not a fan of those oversized and overwhelming recliners of old but searching for that perfectly comfortable chair? Many furniture manufacturers have upped their game and offer reclining, swivel and rocker options across any number of unexpected designs.

Make It Yours

Not ready to completely abandon the rustic ranch? A well-placed antique or two can bring personality to a space and offer a subtle and welcome reminder of times past.

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