Ask the Expert: Lip Enhancements [Q&A]

Dr. Angela Sturm shares her insight on frequently asked questions about enhancing the look of your lips including how to avoid looking overdone and other options besides fillers.

Q. I love the look of fuller lips but am worried about looking overdone and people knowing that I’ve had injections. How do I avoid that?

A. Make sure your injector understands your goals and shares your aesthetic for the lips. You can always add more, but people notice if you’ve injected too much. There are also softer fillers now that work very well for subtle enhancement without adding too much volume.

Q. Can I fill the fine lines around my mouth without changing the shape or volume of my lips?

A. Yes, with softer fillers you can fill fine lines around the lips without having to inject the lip itself. These will soften the lines a considerable amount but won’t completely remove them.

Q. If I stop doing the filler injections what will happen to my lips?

A. Your lips don’t immediately deflate as some people think—the filler dissolves slowly over a period of months. Your lips will return to their un-filled shape, but you’ll probably see some lines in the lip that you didn’t when they were fuller.

Q. How far out before an event should I have injections?

A. Many people like to have a little plumping before a wedding or special event. I would plan to do the injections at least two weeks before—four weeks is ideal. This gives you time for the swelling to subside, any bruising to resolve and if you need a little touch-up, you have plenty of time.

Q. Is there a longer-lasting option?

A. There are longer-lasting options for lip enhancement though these are usually not for the novice. Fillers are a better place to start. Before considering any of these options, you should see a plastic surgeon and ask lots of questions—be familiar with all of the risks and benefits.

If the distance between the bottom of the nose and the top of the upper lip is long and your upper lip is small, a lip lift can be done. This lifts and enhances the upper lip but requires an incision below the nose. If you’re considering this option, ask to see before and after photos of your surgeon’s incisions to see how they heal because this can be visible.

Lip implants have been performed but can be associated with risks of being visible, palpable, extruding or becoming infected.

A more natural option is Acellular Dermis, which is the scaffolding of the deep layer of the skin, so components that are already in your body that your cells grow into. This is placed surgically and makes for a natural, soft, long-lasting (at least five years) enhancement. The risks are much lower but do include infection and scarring.

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