Atabey Ritos

Exclusive, luxurious and without a doubt one of the finest cigars in the world—say hello to your new “special occasion” cigar, the Atabey Ritos.

A few years ago Nelson Alphonso debuted a very exclusive cigar made in Costa Rica, using only the finest tobacco. Mr. Alphonso is an artist; he’s been involved in much of Habanos S.A.’s packaging for their most upscale Cuban cigars, most notably the Cohiba Behike, as well as last year’s very special 50th anniversary humidor for the Padrón family.

The Atabey name is from the extinct Taino Indian tribe, who occupied much of the Caribbean islands before Columbus came across them. In Taino mythology, Atabey was the first female in the world, the supreme deity of the Taino people, ruling over the moon, sea, fertility and birth. The Behike was the high priest, and Atabey was the goddess whom the Behike offered the smoke of the Cohiba, or tobacco in Taino, in tribal ceremony.

Nelson Alphonso’s attention to detail is second to none in making cigars, as it is in his design career. He even goes to the trouble of color sorting all the tobacco used in each cigar so that it’s consistent in color all the way through, a practice typically reserved for finished cigars so that all the cigars in a box are of similar color. As one would expect, the packaging for the Atabey cigars is also spectacular, with lacquered humidor boxes, ceramic jars and patented humidified tubes which are reusable and designed to evenly humidify the cigar.

The Atabey Ritos is 6 1/8 inch x 55 and absolutely beautiful in appearance, with a light-colored wrapper. It’s mild, but full of sweet, nutty, earthy flavors, as well as a hint of cinnamon around the halfway point. The burn and draw were as perfect as I’ve ever had in a handmade cigar.

If you can get your hands on one of these luxury cigars, and they are available at selected United Cigar Group retailers, it’s worth your while to give it a try—it may well be your new “special occasion” cigar.

Atabey Ritos

Size: 6 1/8 inch x 55 Ring Gauge

Wrapper: Caribbean and Central American

Binder: Caribbean and Central American

Filler: Caribbean and Central American

MSRP: $33

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