Brush up on Your Beauty With These Tools

One of the best aspects from living a life with cosmetics is the feeling one gets from the luxurious, sensuous experience of applying all of that good creamy, powdery, colorful stuff on that one-of-a-kind canvas you call your face.

An unverified theory behind the perennial popularity of the cat-eye eyeliner method goes back to that singular rush of confidence Cleopatra must’ve felt every time she wielded a wickedly sharpened stick of kohl; after all, Adele wouldn’t have said “Hello” without her perfectly winged liner, right?

Instead of grabbing our grease pencils, however, let’s review some beauty tools of the gentler sort, and find a few good brushes to help execute the most flawless face, whether you’re going for a smoky eye or contouring some cheekbones in like Christie Brinkley on a beauty bender.

Perfectly Plush, Precise and Perpendicular

The Artis Elite 5 Brush Set is a collection of makeup tools almost too lovely to use—almost. Not only are these brushes cruelty free, with a CosmeFibre system of brush hairs handcrafted and assembled into each brush, but their unparalleled density and perfect shaping for different tasks elevates the daily beauty ritual to something special indeed.

Whether you’re smoothing on your foundation in broad circles with the Oval 6 brush or honing in on the perfectly arched brow by using the Linear 1, the luxuriant hand feel of these brushes makes makeup seem like a trip to the spa. It may seem odd at first to have a makeup set with each brush head set perpendicular to the handle, but trust us—by day three of your Artis experience, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these brushes.

Cuddle up With a Good Brush

Too Faced cosmetics has long been a cult favorite with those makeup mavens looking for great cosmetics and tools without breaking the bank, and this brush set is no exception.

Teddy Bear Hair 5 Piece Brush Set will cuddle your face in softness, without worrying about bristles shedding over time with repeated use. In this set you’ll find the usual suspects, such as powder, blender, contouring and all over shading brushes, as well as a nifty liner brush that is perfect for precise lines as well as finer detail work, like smudging color or liner along the bottom lash line for more dramatic evening looks. This line of brushes also features man-made bristles.

Fresh Faced Forever?

Sephora has really stepped up their tool game with this seven-piece combination, the Sephora Collection’s Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set. Each of these professional quality brushes is treated with a non-toxic, hypoallergenic compound that attacks and destroys harmful bacteria, which is particularly comforting if you have sensitive skin, or just want to keep good hygiene habits with regards to your makeup implements.

These brushes also get high marks for long-lasting durability, with great product pickup and no bristle shedding during application.

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