Cohiba Luxury Selection No. 2

Cohiba’s most exclusive offering, the Luxury Selection is refined, elegant and incomparable due to the rarity of the tobaccos and the time taken to create it.

The Cohiba Luxury Selection No. 2 was released last year by General Cigar Company as the brand’s most premium offering, packaged in beautiful crystal coffins and produced in limited numbers; only 1,000 boxes of 10 were made.

The No. 1 was released in 2014 in a larger size, a 7 1/2 inches x 52 double corona; this one is a 6 inches x 52 toro. The tobacco used starts with the best of the best wrappers from Cameroon, Africa, called African Gold due to its rich, golden color and flawless appearance, and is aged for five years.

The San Andrés binder and Brazilian and Dominican fillers are fermented in small pilons, or stacks, and misted with a proprietary solution as well as aged further in rum barrels. The finished cigars receive extra aging in special cases with Spanish cedar shavings and tobacco leaves. The cigars are perfect in every way.

Smoking the cigar is a treat. The aroma and flavor of the unlit cigar are unique, and I swear I tasted gingerbread on the cold draw. The cigar lit easily and maintained a perfectly even burn throughout the nearly two hours of smoking time. I found the strength to be medium, not too strong or mild, and while the gingerbread flavor wasn’t present while  burning, there were some interesting flavors including a pleasing nutty sweetness often found when the Cameroon wrapper interplays with the San Andrés and Brazilian tobaccos.

If you are the kind of smoker who stops at the band, you’ll miss out on a really interesting transition to an herbal flavor, and it maintains a cool burn well into the last inch of the cigar. The Cohiba Luxury Selection is a very entertaining and satisfying smoke. It’s everything an expensive cigar should be: complex in flavor and luxurious in every way.

Cohiba Luxury Selection No. 2

By: General Cigar Company

Size: 6 inches x 52 toro

Wrapper: Meerapfel African Gold, Cameroon Africa

Binder: Mexican San Andrés

Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina and Dominican Piloto Cubano and Olor

MSRP: $38

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