Diamonds are a Skin’s Best Friend

It’s the time of year when the world seems a bit brighter and more spectacular, whether it’s the dizzying whirl of parties and festive events or the fulfillment of dearest holiday wishes for one and all.

Suddenly in the midst of the fa-la-la-fray, you’ve dashed past that one unforgiving hall mirror, caught a glimpse of yourself and panicked at the frazzled reflection. Relax, take a few deep breaths and then begin to take your over-stressed skin issues in hand by applying a little magic dust of the diamond variety to rediscover that special luminescence that shows how flawless a gem you really are, inside and out.

Diamonds are now being mined for their cosmetic advantages, as well as the extremely high refractive index, or “fire aspect,” and make a compelling argument for adding extra shine and sparkle to your skin from one of these brilliant new products:

The Gold Standard of Glow

Forever Flawless cosmetics hopes to upgrade your idea of what luxury skin care should be, as well as refine your skin’s pores and imperfections by incorporating diamond dust into their extensive line of products.

The Diamond Infused 24k Gold Nourishing Mask is one such creation, “which contains extra-fine diamond powder to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, allowing the vitamins, moisturizers, botanicals and age-defying ingredients to penetrate deeper and more effectively.” This mask is recommended for weekly use, and also as a companion product to the Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24k Cream and Serum.

Aside from the gold and diamonds, the mask is also notable for its aloe, kaolin clay, and vitamins A and E ingredients that make up a soothing cocktail for your parched skin.

Midnight Magic

That pre-bedtime ritual of taking a moment just for yourself to carefully apply that one perfect overnight moisturizer just got a tiny bit fancier, with CARITA’s Diamant De Minuit, or Diamond Midnight Concentrate.

Two incredibly chic, hairdresser sisters in Paris started this skin and hair care line of products over 70 years ago, with an eye toward what haute beaute should be; namely, “glamour without ostentation…where the combined effect of high performance treatments reveals the unique beauty of each woman.”

Diamant De Minuit is infused with diamonds, sapphires and blue lotus native cells, among other finer things, and is suitable for all skin types.

Heavenly Days

Diamonds come in all colors, but in this instance, black is the new black when it comes to 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion.

This lightweight anti-aging formula contains Arbutin, a chemical compound extracted from the bearberry plant, and is proven to reduce or remove age spots; however, it’s the black diamond microspheres that do all of the heavy lifting up front, so to speak, so that skin is refined and better able to absorb beneficial ingredients.

You should notice brighter, toned and more hydrated skin after the first application, and bonus, heat-weary Texans—this product was “developed for warm-weather climates and oil prone skin.”

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