Explore The Edge Of The World

Travelers with a taste for far-flung locales will find their paradise along the craggy shores of Fogo Island. Located in a small fishing community off Newfoundland’s northeastern coast, Fogo Island Inn has a front row seat on the edge of the world—its 29 suites looking out through wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows on a landscape of stark beauty.

Though the inn’s unique design is contemporary, it seems in harmony with its rugged and remote

surroundings. The interior design represents collaboration between international designers and local artisans, with much of the furniture and textiles handcrafted on the island.

Hike a coastal trail, fish for cod in the traditional way, take an art workshop, stargaze from a rooftop hot tub, relax by the fire—and leave with a fresh perspective on the world.

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