Gadgets to up Your Chef Skills

There are many sophisticated or advanced gadgets to help the at-home chef—from brewing coffee to growing your own ingredients with the click of a button.

Pantelligent Smart Pan

This is what every foodie needs: a pan that makes cooking idiot proof. It is a nonstick, 12-inch skillet with a built-in sensor that updates you during the cooking process.

The sensor connects to an app on your smartphone to monitor the temperature and lets you know when to flip the food, stir or add ingredients, and adjust the heat, as well as when the food is done.

The pan works on any gas or electric stove and also has an autopilot feature that can adjust the heat for you. Customer reviews have been favorable, especially from people who aren’t savvy around the kitchen. I will state I have yet to burn a grilled cheese sandwich.

The Egg Minder is a wonderful website where crazy inventions can be created and sold. Where else would you find a smart egg tray for your refrigerator?

The Egg Minder syncs with your smartphone to tell you how many eggs you have at home and when they start to go bad. No one wants a bad egg, after all. In-tray LED lights indicate the oldest egg and notifications can be sent to your phone to alert you when you are running low.

The plastic tray with clear, acrylic lid holds 14 eggs and has a Wi-Fi chip. Two AA batteries connects the app to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit

As a part-time chef myself, I know that fresh herbs and spices can improve most any dish. Using NASA-inspired technology, this small, reusable gadget can grow up to three plants in an indoor space within a few weeks.

A small base holds a month of water and “smart” soil for the plants that automatically releases the nutrients, oxygen and water. An LED lamp extends above the base with a timer that turns on the light for 16 hours a day.

The starter kit comes with three basil plants. Refill packs include mini tomatoes, chili peppers, oregano, peppermint and more.

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

Ignore the fact that I do not drink coffee. But if I did the Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale would be in my kitchen.

This 6-inch square disk has an ultra-fast response time and high sensitivity for weighing almost exact amounts. It has a stopwatch to track coffee pre-infusion and brewing time to make the perfect concoction every time.

Coffee nerds will love this: It comes with an app to measure and record coffee weight, water, grind size, brewing temps and more.

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