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Under Armour

Whether you’re looking for something to help you sleep better or to jump-start your marathon training, I’ve put together a list of some health-related gadgets to help you get there and feel your best.

Under Armour HOVR shoes

In my many years of running I have tracked my stats through wristbands, smartwatches and even socks, but now the only wearable you may need are running shoes themselves. Under Armour’s new HOVR shoes can gather all the data from your run and transmit it directly to an app so you can monitor your progress and form.

Coming in two styles, the Phantom and Sonic, the shoes have a sensor pod in the sole of the right shoe. HOVR shoes don’t need to be charged as the company says they should last an average of 300 miles.

You can record activity in Under Armour’s MapMyRun app, though the shoes can also sync up with the app later so you don’t need to carry your smartphone. The shoes automatically track duration, distance, calories, pace and cadence.

Healbe Corporation

Healbe GoBe 2

If you are still looking for that device to wrap around your wrist that seems to do it all, you should try the GoBe 2, the second version of the monitoring device from Healbe.

This is much more than a fitness tracker as it also monitors caloric intake along with your emotional state in real time. It uses a piezoelectric impedance sensor to push high—and low—frequency signals through your wrist. Shortly after eating, the cells in your bloodstream begin releasing water as they absorb the new glucose. Algorithms then take over to calculate the amount of food eaten.

A connected app breaks down the calorie count, fat, carbs and protein. The GoBe 2 also ensures proper hydration by beeping with reminders to drink more water when needed.



If you have problems getting the necessary seven hours of nightly minimum sleep, you can now turn to technology instead of medication. Dreem is a headband that can monitor, analyze and modulate brain activity for understanding and improving your sleep.

The front of the device incorporates a bone-conduction technology, which emits subtle sounds into your inner ear to improve sleep. It also has a pulse oximeter for detecting your heart rate and respiration. Dreem knows and monitors your exact sleep stages so it factors in the best time for you to wake up before triggering a sound to wake you.

Dreem pairs with an iOS or Android device to sync sleep data. The goal is faster entry into deep sleep, and more rest in less time.

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