Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches in Texas

Suddenly ice cream sandwiches are hollering for our attention in Texas. The iconic kiddo treats (remember plain vanilla on chocolate square wafers?) have grown up to gourmet status. Here are our picks for this novelty, the best of both worlds—sweet cookie and creamy cold ice cream—no spoon required.


Houston pastry chef legend Chris Leung takes you beyond Cloud 9, to Cloud 10 Creamery with his chef-driven flavors. This ice cream hot spot in Rice Village rotates innovative flavors with the seasons, so you might find scrumptiousness like matcha tea with strawberries, valhrona chocolate with figs, or prickly pear and balsamic vinegar.

The peanut butter and jelly on sea salt shortbread cookie ice cream sandwich is the bomb—find it in the freezer case year-around along with the toasted rice macaron ice cream sandwich (both have cult followings).

Mondays, pop in for the ice cream sandwich of the week, presented on cookies warm from the oven. Try the new goat cheese ice cream between chocolate chip cookies—it’s a little tangy and laced with milk chocolate and the cookie is melt-in-your mouth moist. You’ll get hooked!



We all know and love Sprinkles Cupcakes. But did you know about the Sprinkles Ice Cream shop in Dallas? Perhaps it’s the high-quality ice cream, rich with 14 percent butterfat and slow churned for extra creaminess that keeps a line out the door. Or the fun flavors: coffee fudge almond, rocky road, cap ‘n crunch, malted milk chocolate, banana and more from days of yore.

Custom pick from the giant cookie of the week for your ultimate sammie. We like the generous, slightly crisp chocolate chip cookies that come loaded with dark chocolate chunks sandwiched with the strawberry ice cream. The classic combination of rich chocolate and fruit studded strawberry conjures of visions of homemade cookies and hand-cranked ice cream on a sweet summer day.

Don’t expect to pick up ice cream sandwiches at a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM anytime soon but do expect more Sprinkles Ice Cream shops in Texas.



Dubbed as “gourmet hand-crafted ice cream with an architectural twist,” Los Angeles-born Coolhaus ice cream trucks has expanded to Austin and Dallas. Known for towering custom ice cream sandwiches, visiting Coolhaus is like a dessert bar from your wildest dreams.

Whatever you’re craving, it can be built, and built it is. Between two deliciously tender cookies expect a massive double scoop of ice cream—open wide! Out-of-bounds ice cream flavors like cuban cigar or brown butter candied bacon grab the attention of even non-dessert lovers.

Too many fabulous combos to mention, but here are a few worth bragging rights: gluten-free coconut almond chip cookie + salted chocolate almond joy ice cream; snickerdoodle cookie + fried chicken & waffles ice cream (yes, really), and double chocolate cookie + maker’s manhattan ice cream.


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