High Tech Holiday Gifts for 2013

Who doesn’t look forward to the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog. It is not every day you can find gifts like a blimp, limited edition cars or the infamous Black Angus steer that could be presented alive or delivered in steak form on a silver serving cart. Here are some fun holiday gift ideas.

Xbox One

The battle for your home media room heats up in November as Microsoft releases the Xbox One and Playstation launches the PS4. The Xbox One has been grabbing more chat room headlines as it packs a superfast processor, 8GB of RAM, a Blu-ray/DVD player, a new Kinect motion controller and cloud storage. Exclusive titles like Halo 5, Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 will make this console a big hit with kids and adults alike worldwide. Along with gaming, it can also surf the Web, play movies and TV shows, download songs and allow for videoconferencing. Let’s hope Microsoft made enough to go around. xbox.com

Tailgater by DISH

We are in full swing with football season and since the weather is cooler that means more tailgating. No reason to miss the game while grilling bratwurst—enjoy live high-def TV when you carry this portable satellite antenna to the parking lot of the game, a barbecue or wherever the fun takes you. Just connect the Tailgater to a compatible DISH receiver and start watching TV wherever you are. With a Pay-As-You-Go system, there is no contract required. The Tailgater by DISH is just what Santa ordered for the family that can’t live without its sports or reality shows. dish.com/technology/tv-outdoors

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The hot category of the year—since tablets are so passé now—is the smartwatch: timepieces that connect wirelessly to your smartphone. Samsung beat Apple, Google, Microsoft and others to market with its Galaxy Gear wrist wear. The $300 gadget has a full metal body design that allows for hands-free calling and some exceptional features via downloadable apps. A high-def camera on the strap can snap photos and take videos. And don’t forget the built-in pedometer which will count the steps you take showing this off to your friends. samsung.com/galaxynote3+gear

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