High-Tech Holiday Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

As the holiday shopping season gears up here are a few ideas for the man or woman who has everything—almost.

AmpliFi Wi-Fi System

One may not think a Wi-Fi repeater system is a gift. But when such a system can provide a simple setup to cover your whole house with top connection speeds, then that is something that should be on your list. Add it now and spell it correctly—AmpliFi.

It is a system that uses a base station and two mesh repeaters. The entry-level model covers up to 10,000 square feet with a top speed of 2.35 gigabits per second. The router is a small cube with a round touch screen that looks more like a clock radio than a router. The screen can display time/date, data used and speed test results.

$199 amplifi.com

KEF EGG Wireless Digital Music System

It used to be tough finding a good wireless speaker or sound system for your home. There are now many models on the market, but KEF continues to be near the top of its class.

No matter what audio source you want to stream, the EGG Wireless Digital Music System delivers incredible sound with a simple setup. These unique shaped speakers come in three colors with a built-in amp and digital-to-analog converter.

The distortion-free digital speaker connection and optical TV connection make this great looking set versatile and flexible for a main sound system.



If the golfers in your life have every tool, gadget and club to improve their game then the only piece missing is the GolfBoard. No more riding in golf carts to chase that little white ball. Now you can surf across 18 holes in a fraction of the time.

The GolfBoard is an easy-to-ride electric vehicle that carries a golfer and a set of clubs. Similar to a skateboard, the rider steers and leans the board across the course, up and down hills, directly to his or her golf ball.

It can go as fast as 10mph which means, when playing with others using GolfBoards, it can shave time off every round.


Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones

Headphones that quell noise are a great item, especially when traveling or just avoiding distractions. Most noise canceling headphones are large and heavy and they cover your ears. The QuietComfort 20 series from Bose can cancel much of the outside noise but fit inside your ears.

Designed for Apple and Android devices, these headphones have an “Aware” mode to hear what is around you with a touch of a button. An inline microphone and remote allows for easy switching between music and calls while controlling other smartphone functions.


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