Hot Design Trends for 2014

What are going to be the hot trends this year? With the help of one of the design industry’s leading designers, we’ve highlighted some of the upcoming design trends and how you can easily incorporate them.


It’s no secret, Pantone named radiant orchid (a vibrant shade of purple) the color of the year—but this doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe, be daring enough to bring it into your home. “Most people don’t think of purple as a neutral, but it really works in a lot of different palettes. Purple has both the warmth of reds and the coolness of blues, which makes it very versatile,” interior designer Caroline McDonald says.

Not ready to paint your walls radiant orchid? Then you might consider an Art Deco color palette, which is making a comeback this year.

“We are moving away from highly saturated palettes and are using faded, duller tones like camels and tans, dull emerald green, mint green, tangerine and salmon,” McDonald says.

A splash of radiant orchid is a great complement to any of these colors.


Designers are moving from linens and prints to richer fuller fabrics this year.

Think animal skins—cowhide, sheepskin and mohair—incorporated into rugs, upholstery, throws and accessories.

“Variation of fabrics throughout a space gives it a rich, layered look. We are seeing a lot of sheers on windows and luxe heavier fabrics on pillows and upholstery. You wouldn’t want to hear only one instrument in an orchestra, and same goes for fabrics,” McDonald says.


Sleek heavily glazed furniture has been the trend of the last few years. This year, styles are transitioning to simple finishes that bring out the natural elements in a piece. These pieces have a more authentic look and bring a calmer energy to the space—but McDonald cautions us to keep pieces refined and natural without getting too rustic.

There is no shortage of antique markets this time of year. “Any home, whether modern or traditional, needs some antiques to give your space rich character and a timeless look,” McDonald says.

For modern homes she recommends looking for pieces with clean lines—a midcentury modern look.

When updating your space this year, McDonald suggests start with your entryway to give your guests an enticing first impression. But for any space, she leaves us with this rule of thumb for 2014:

Don’t over think it. Have fun and be playful—do something unexpected.

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