Hot Tea (British Style) with Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr is an internationally known culinary and television personality, as well as an award-winning author. He is widely known for being the charismatic host and cook on “The Galloping Gourmet,” one of the first television cooking shows which aired in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Kerr continues to conjure mouth-watering food images through his masterful use of words. Although his chair jumping, wine drinking “Galloping Gourmet” days have long gone, he is still delighting his audiences through speaking engagements, his books and blog.

“We’re living at the speed of life. So, what is the purpose of stopping to smell the roses if you blow the petals off as you fly past?” Kerr shares. Kerr’s life experiences inspired him to shift his focus from decadent dishes to educating those who want to make healthy and creative, lifestyle changes. Kerr says, “I used to think of food in this order: delight then nourish. Now I know it should be nourish then delight.”

His most recent project, “Flash of Silver,” is a series of inspirational messages told in a creative narrative that only Kerr can do. He parallels his life experiences with the wild Chinook salmon that “display such grace, strength and determination as they leap in a ‘flash of silver’ to overcome obstacles so that their species may survive and thrive.”

What is your favorite healthy aging tip?

Keep a journal.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life?

Definitely Treena, my wife.

What is something still on your bucket list?

To find a big green pool, like a back eddy behind a large rock where Treena and I can hang out and touch fins together [like salmon] and look at each other and say “isn’t this cool?”

What is one thing you always have on you?

Keys to my car and a key that opens the door to the International Headquarters of the Garden Gate Group shed, a 10-by-8-foot shed in a community garden that I created in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

An item or trend from the past 25 years that you wish would be brought back.

They used to be called “gourmet clubs.” Where small groups of friends would go from house to house having dinner parties.

What was the last thing you Googled or looked up online?

Rules, which is the oldest restaurant in London—because my son and his wife are there and I wanted to give them the address so that they would go to a perfetta supper and afterward get dessert at the Savoy hotel, where we used to stay as a family.

What is something that you would do every day if permitted?

To start my day regardless of what the weather is like, with a walk in my neighborhood.

What is something that most people would be surprised to know about you?

Because of a life lived on television, it usually shocks people to learn that we haven’t had a TV in our home for 15 years.

What is your favorite seasoning?

One that I invented myself—Ethmix—it’s a mixture of star anise, powdered ginger and cayenne pepper. It’s quite hot and modified after shanghais seasonings. I added dill and reduced the heat a bit.

What country has had the most influence on your cooking style?

Southwestern Italy.

What is your favorite item to grow in your garden?

Side-sprouting broccoli.

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