Hotel Kong Arthur’s Unique Style

Tucked into a quiet cobblestone alley along Copenhagen’s inner lakes, Hotel Kong Arthur has a style all its own.

Built as an apprentice residence in 1882, the 155-room boutique hotel possesses both an air of antiquity and elegant modernity, like a beautiful 18-century duchess dressed in today’s cutting-edge fashions.

A color palette of bright whites and muted browns and blues lends a sense of vitality and freshness, while a suit of real knight’s armor in the lobby provides a whimsical nod to the medieval. The atmosphere is as inviting as it is effortlessly chic.

Within easy walking distance of Nørreport Station and the oldest parts of the city, the hotel makes a good base for exploring Copenhagen’s many cultural, architectural and culinary attractions.

The eco-conscious traveler will value the hotel’s unique approach to sustainability; Hotel Kong Arthur has been carbon neutral since 2008 and continues to strive to make all operations sustainable.

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