Live Agelessly With Sustainable Youth

Dip into the fountain of youth and live agelessly with Sustainable Youth‘s anti-aging skincare line. All Sustainable Youth products contain alasta—the most potent immunostimulatory ingredient derived from Aloe and the first real advancement in Aloe vera in over six millennia.

Sustainable Youth and PRIME Living have partnered up for PRIME’s 2016 “Ama La Vita” Month and are giving away: one set of the entire Sustainable Youth line during “Beauty Week.”

Please Note: The winners of “Beauty Week” have been announced. Enter to win other prizes of “Ama La Vita” Month by clicking the button below.

More About Sustainable Youth

Sustainable Youth’s commitment doesn’t end with the purity and quality of superior natural, organic and green ingredients. From the farms to the factories, they adhere to a strict green code of sustainability:

  • All active ingredients are organic, natural or green.
  • Use all natural and organic essential oils.
  • Never use animal derived ingredients or animal testing.
  • Products will not include any endangered plant species.
  • No petrochemicals or parabens are used.
  • We Help Our Environment Live Agelessly, Too.
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