Luxury Hotels Launching Smartphone Service for Overseas Travel

Smartphone service overseas can be a nightmare, with most U.S. providers applying expensive and difficult-to-decipher restrictions on everything from data usage to voice calls.

Luxury hotels Anantara Siam Bangkok and Anantara Riverside Bangkok launched a complimentary smartphone service to make staying connected to family and business back home easy during a visit to the Thai capital.

A “handy” is offered in all guest rooms, allowing unlimited local and international calls to the United States. Unlimited 3G data connectivity also provides on-the-go access to social media apps and Wi-Fi tethering capability for other mobile devices like laptops and tablets.

Travel apps for currency conversion, maps, translation and more are pre-installed for your convenience, and the hotel concierge is only a quick dial away. The handy taxi card feature details your hotel’s address in Thai with a location map. At checkout, the phone is reset, removing any personal information and ensuring guests’ privacy.

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