Mad Men Inspired Man Cave

The Mad Men TV series continues to strongly influence fashion and design trends, it’s time to take a page out of Don Draper’s style guide.

Were the 1960s the good old days? Setting aside the cultural turmoil, there’s no question that the styles have endured—and enhanced with the popularity of the award-winning TV show “Mad Men.” From a designer’s perspective, the midcentury trend was as much about rule-breaking as any other societal aspect. “Styles ranged from space-age to psychedelic, and everywhere in between,” says Tabitha Evans, principal of Phoenix-based Tabitha Evans Design. “It can mean simple and clean or organic and natural, depending on which part of the ’60s you’re talking about.”

In general, the ’60s were heavy on texture, color, contrasting shapes, sculptural or abstract art and geometrics. Furniture touts clean lines and materials ranging from leather to metals to wood. In a man cave you want structure and functionality to capture the masculinity of this era. Think textured walls—wallpaper is seeing a comeback these days and as is textured paneling like the faux wood paneling sold at West Elm or two-dimensional geometric wall covering from Graham & Brown. “There are tons of choices now, with some really fun geometric or abstract prints,” Evans says.

If you would rather not panel your walls, add some shape with a geometric mirror or some abstract art. You won’t be surprised that in this era the details make the room—you can usher in a midcentury energy with something as simple as West Elm’s Geodesic Table Lamp, a rotary phone (functioning or just for show), or even by adding a few throw pillows with geometric patterns. “It’s easy to overdo it, so keep it simple,” Evans says.

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