Maintain Your Look With These Organic Beauty Products

Even the most stunning natural beauties need a little help and cosmetic wizardry to keep themselves captivating and attractive, and sometimes the simplest, cleanest composition of ingredients represent the best way to augment and maintain one’s own best attributes.

Let’s get closer to nature’s bounty with some organic, straightforward elements formulated in the following products, and walk in an authentic beauty of our own imagining, dark, bright or any shade in between.

1. Blushing Beauty

So you’ve got thin lips; don’t pout about it—pucker up! Surprise your Valentine with a kisser so plush and pink it scandalizes the neighbors and raises the question: Just how much PDA is too much A for the greater P? Alba Botanica urges us to “do beautiful” with Fast Fix Thin Lips gloss, containing lip-stimulating essences of peppermint, cinnamon and ginger “to trigger plumping and flushing with a hint of color and shine.”

Bonus: this gloss contains three of our favorite moisturizers as primary ingredients (including shea butter), and promises absolutely no animal testing nor artificiality in the way of yucky synthetic colors or parabens.

2. Beauty and the Beastly Fruit

Victoria’s Secret model and proud Aussie Miranda Kerr has scoured heaven and earth to bring some much-needed balance to cosmetics with a line of products which ultimately reflect her desire to share the benefits of an organic lifestyle with others.

Many of her KORA Organics line contain almost 100 percent-certified organic ingredients, and quite a few feature Noni, a tree from the coffee family of evergreens that bears somewhat gnarly, smelly and unattractive fruit, which Kerr nonetheless attributes to her flawless skin. Try the Rebalance Pack trio, with clay mask, rosehip hydrating oil and exfoliate to help soothe irritated patches, detox pores and levels out your skin’s pH.

3. Sleeping Beauty

We’ve all seen the pillowy, overly plumped-up results of some of our friends and colleagues’ attempts to cheat time with facial fillers and injectables, all the while insisting their strange new looks are merely the result of “a good night’s sleep” or some such nonsense. What if we backed away from the syringes and actually put that theory to the test?

The good folks at Sustainable Youth are betting on a proprietary blend of the aloe vera plant rind derivations, which when formulated into an active complex called alasta, act upon the free radicals like a voracious cosmetic Pac-Man and simultaneously “stimulate the skin’s ability to repair, restore and rejuvenate itself.”

Because the restorative efforts of your own skin happen largely at night, Sustainable Youth offers a Super Boost Night Serum, which when applied at night should result in “visibly increased skin elasticity and firmness up to 72 percent,” or at least enough improvement to leave your friends wondering: Is it good genes, good doctors or great products?

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