Must-Haves for Men’s Grooming

Today’s man about town is taking the facial hair movement of the 2010s and creating looks that not only illustrate his bristly machismo, but are a hirsute extension of his very personality.

November marks the continuation of the Movember movement, started in 2004 to raise awareness of cancer and depression among men, and in the intervening decade or so, the Movember foundation has raised over $175 million worldwide.

Interested participants or “Mo Bros,” sign on to participate, and pledge to let the facial follicles gather where they may in support of men’s health. Ladies can also get involved as “Mo Sistas” and use this time to talk to the men in their lives about important men’s health issues.

And after 30 days of sparing the shaver, whether a fellow has gone full Garibaldi (read: lumberjack beard with bottom-heavy fullness), sports a trim mustache or opts for the gritty, shadowy perfection of geometrically groomed stubble, when December arrives, make sure to have the right product or the name of a good barber at hand lest things really will get hairy.

The Gel to Make Them Jelly of Your Smoothness

If your mustache tends toward the lighter, James Franco style of things, consider Anthony Shave Gel. This refreshing, eucalyptus-scented gel has aloe vera which helps protect sensitive facial skin, and carrageenan to soothe and heal.

And because CEO/Founder Anthony Sosnick “believes in men’s total well-being,” a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every product in the line is donated to the fight against Prostate cancer.”

Back in Black With the Right Lather

It’s all about the layers inside the natty little cobalt jar of Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather. If you’re going to scrape off 30 days’ worth of scrum and stubble, you’ll want thick, rich lather, as well as the extra protection of “triple cushion technology” offered in this cream.

With three protective layers of macadamia nut oil, glycerin and soybean oil, which “allow the razor to glide close to the skin while offering a cushion of protection against razor burn, irritation, nicks and cuts.”

ManCave, Yes. Caveman, No.

The intelligent thinking behind this two-product approach to shaving is simple yet effective. Men have to shave or at least manicure even around the Movember mustache/beard, and smoothing the way with key natural ingredients is important before and after the morning razor rituals.

The ManCave shave set has a shave gel formulated with tea tree oils to create the smooth shave experience, as well as a moisturizer with caffeine and vitamin E to stimulate pores and prevent drying.

Bonus: The ManCave moisturizer product also contains borage oil, a natural antiseptic and protection against razor bumps—veddy civilized, indeed.

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