Must Haves For Your Trophy Room Man Cave

You’ve outfitted the space with the usual big-screen TV, bar and maybe a pool table—but how can you really take things over the top?

HT230 shooting simulator

Hone your shooting skills and conduct a friendly competition with more than a dozen different hunt types.

Cannon Commander Series 54 gun vault

This elegant-looking vault, which can hold up to 48 guns and is fireproof for 90 minutes, can function as part of the décor—or be concealed for extra security under one of the mountains.

Warthog or hippo tusk gun rack

While your actual hunting armory will be hidden, you may want to display a non-operational family heirloom rifle or shotgun—and this is an eye-catching way to do it.

Hidden speaker system

Incorporating a sound system into boulders, mountains and trees enables you to conceal the wiring and distribute sound throughout the room.

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