Powerhouse Grains You Should Add to Your Diet

Spotlighted by the Whole Grains Council, Teff, a North African cereal grass, and millet, a mild tasting group of small-seeded grains from the grass family Poaceae, both pack a nutritional punch.

Teff is gluten-free with a mild flavor that leads all grains by a wide margin in its calcium content. One cup of cooked teff offers 123 mg, about the same amount of calcium as in a half-cup of cooked spinach. In addition, teff is high in resistant starch, a newly-discovered type of dietary fiber that can benefit blood-sugar management, weight control and colon health.

Millet are gluten-free and loaded with antioxidant activity. Millet grains are especially high in magnesium, mineral which helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function. In recent years, research has discovered millet helps control diabetes and inflammation.

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