Refresh Your Skin Regimen With Activated Charcoal

In Texas, if you build it, they will come—to a Texas barbecue that is. And where would a BBQ be without a helpful assist from a bag of charcoal? But what about charcoal’s role in the beauty industry?

Maybe you’ve never heard of activated charcoal as an ingredient in hair, skin and color cosmetics, but it has long been a major player.

It can also be found in air and water filtration systems, removing pollutants and allergens from your personal environment. If you want to get serious about removing dirt and buildup from yourself, there are a few new products on the market that contain activated charcoal.

Here are just a few cosmetic brands to consider:

Michael Todd True Organics

Melanie Velez is a licensed paramedical aesthetician and product development adviser on the Michael Todd team who says that in products, such as Michael Todd’s Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub, use gentle jojoba wax beads in combination with activated charcoal to effectively draw out impurities. “We find that it works even better to exfoliate the skin than many other chemical-based treatments—and doesn’t result in dryness and irritation caused by chemically based products.” She has a personal favorite in the Charcoal Detox Cleanser. “It is perfect for combination skin,” Velez says.

Giovanni Cosmetics D:tox System

This kit includes a cleanser, facial scrub and moisturizer, as well as a facial mask that employs volcanic ash and activated charcoal to extract toxins and impurities. Try the D:tox System Purifying Body Wash for an “eco-chic” clean feeling, or one of their handy, Transportation Security Administration-approved “Flight Attendant” kits to give yourself a first-class facial cleansing experience.


If you’ve been having too many dull skin days and it seems like the face in the mirror could use a bit of polish to restore its glow and vitality, consider using Origins’ Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, which the company describes as “nature’s complexion clean-up crew.” Use your next little moment of “me” time to refresh your face by opening the pores with a warm, moist towel, and then applying this mask for greater skin clarity via Origins’ unique formulation of active charcoal and white China clay.

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