Reintroducing Wallpaper Into Your Home

When did wallpaper get such a bad reputation? Perhaps it was overdone in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but these days classic florals have been updated for today’s palettes. Geometrics and abstract patterns are abundant, and new technologies and innovations have allowed for beautiful textured papers with materials ranging from grass cloth, silk, suede, vinyl, glitter and metallics.

One of my favorite ways to introduce wallpaper into a home is through hand-painted scenic papers. A truly indulgent and classic look for dining rooms, entries or bedrooms, they are completely customizable in terms of the colors, flora and fauna. Many companies are now producing more monochromatic scenes that look fantastic in a modern space.

Another big trend is printed grass cloth papers. Grass cloth has been around for decades. It brings texture and warmth to a space, but now that great texture is available with a pattern. Stripes, grommets, graphic monochromatic florals and geometric patterns are all being printed on top of grass cloth.Also look for metallic papers like shimmering silver leaves for a dining room ceiling, glitzy beaded papers for a bar backsplash or a paper-backed silk for a master bedroom. Banish that boring, poorly textured Sheetrock and give your walls the extra treatment they deserve.

Tips & Tricks

  • Paper the backs of your bookcases in a textured paper or a graphic pattern for interest.
  • Try running a stripe horizontally for a new spin on a classic.
  • Paper your ceiling instead of walls, especially between beams and coffers.
  • Powder baths are a great place to try a wild pattern—you won’t get sick of it as easily.
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