Slenderize Your Neck Without Surgery

Just when you think you’ve got your face, hair and nail hustle fine-tuned to perfection that graceful length of real estate between chin and shoulders starts to look a bit worse for wear.

While it’s eminently sensible to apply your moisturizer from forehead to décolletage, sometimes the delicate area just under your jawline needs a little bit more to sustain proper firmness and elasticity to avoid the appearance of sagging or crepey skin.

Let’s abolish dirty words like “wattle” and “turkey neck” with some fresh new products to keep your neck sleek, elegant and lovely from all angles.

G.M. Collin

Spa Day

G.M. Collin skincare has 50 years of experience in combining premium natural and marine ingredients to bear with the latest in cutting-edge technology to develop a truly effective and selective line of skin enhancing and correcting products for women of all skin types.

In this instance, the G.M. Collin 3D Visible Lifting Serum is specially formulated to protect the delicate neck area from external stress factors while improving skin elasticity, and is also great for those with sensitivity to propylene glycol (a common ingredient in other beauty products, mercifully absent from this one).

To find an esthetician, spa or clinic near you that carries this exclusive item, enter your ZIP code into G.M. Collin’s online spa locator.

Éminence Organic Skincare

First Flowers of Youth

Éminence Organic Skincare of Hungary wants to help save your pretty neck with its Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream, formulated with two key floral extracts that contain surprising benefits.

The hibiscus extract is a natural (read: gentler on your skin) source for alpha hydroxy acids as well as specific antioxidants that help make pores appear smaller, while UV damage from the sun is repaired by the high concentration of flavonoids and phenolic acid present in edelweiss extract.


Tighten and Lighten

Fight the facial flab with StriVectin’s TL Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream, featuring the Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex, which promises to “visibly tighten, lift and smooth lines on the neck.”

The presence of vitamin B-3, or niacin, in this cream can promote better production of your skin’s own ceramides and fatty acids, two key components of the overall outer protective barrier of the epidermis, and can be effective in reducing skin discolorations.


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