Some “Shady” Advice on Contouring

Once the purview of professional makeup artists and stage performers, now there are endless swathes of makeup counters dedicated exclusively to the fine art of artfully shading and highlighting your facial features into a whole new you.

But go easy, friend; a little goes a long way, and you don’t want loved ones scrubbing your jawline with a napkin at dinner because they think you’ve gone bronzer-blind. Take a look at some of our new favorite contouring products.

1. Orange You Glad to See Me?

The major pitfalls with contouring products can arise from orange-y undertones in the pigment (good contouring should never look as if one has contracted a case of neonatal early onset jaundice), or heavy, dragging formulations that melt by day’s end.

Cover FX Contour Kit has what you need to handle both of these issues, while providing some of the prettiest, long-wearing shades in pink, neutral or golden palettes to better match your skin tone. And as a bonus, tucked behind the compact mirror, an easy-to-follow instruction card will help you apply the four cream-based shades to highlight, contour and illuminate the planes of your face.

We strongly recommend using a brush like the one Cover FX has designed for this product, as the smaller end helps you achieve more precise product application, while the broader end is perfect for seamless blending.

2. Contouring With the Cosmetic Czarina

Anastasia Beverly Hills has long been the go-to expert for starlets and reality goddesses alike in search of the perfect lashes or brows; fortunately for all of us she’s put her magic touch on the contouring scene, resulting in a lovely product with room for six pop-in, pop-out shades that folks of all skin tones can use.

The Anastasia Premiere Contour and Highlight Palette includes such user-friendly hues as Banana, which are perfect for minimizing ruddy or red areas of your skin, or Fawn, which contours under the cheekbone and jawline without leaving a “muddy look.”


Since launching his eponymous makeup line in August 2013, Marc Jacobs Beauty suite has been lauded by experts and fans alike for having hero products that are simultaneously simple and simply brilliant in their category.

With this streamlined contouring duo, Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder, one is able to incorporate benefits of sculpting one’s best features while still using your favorite foundation as the base for a great face.

This product is notable for its blendability and nice, roomy hand-feel, as well as having generous amounts of each finely-milled, contouring half-wedge to play with.

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