Spring’s Prettiest Fragrances

Spring, that all-too-brief, bewitching and beguiling season, may be in full bloom, but perhaps you’re not quite up for ditching the UGGs and layers to heed that siren song of the season’s newest haute couture.

One doesn’t have to immediately wade into the rush and flow of fashion’s latest trends, i.e., Really Big Stripes, silver lamé, and Victorian leg o’ mutton sleeves—how about dipping a toe in more welcoming and fragrant waters?

It’s the perfect time to try out a new spring scent, and one or more of these three tantalizing perfumes are sure to jump-start your appreciation for this winsome season of joy.

Wildest Dreams, Indeed

Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, co-directors of perfume house Annick Goutal, have built a thriving business based in part on the belief that anything from stones to temperatures can be translated into scent, but what about the Babe Ruth of aromatics, the fairest rose?

Too many perfumes seem to limit the queen of flowers’ potential to a prim and old-fashioned, powdery scent that doesn’t do it justice, but Annick Goutal’s newest, Rose Pompon, brings a bouncy symphony of pink floral notes to bear, and the results are terrific.

It’s as if Rose Pompom were the olfactory equivalent of Taylor Swift and her uber-chic girl squad: flirty pink peony, sharp pink pepper and swirling, dark, classic musk back up the blowsy and utterly un-floristy rose scent in the best way.


On the Prowl

Almost a century ago, jeweler Louis Cartier first epitomized evening glamour with his depiction of a panther (in diamonds) stalking across an onyx cigarette case as a gift to one very lucky and fashionable friend, and overnight, an iconic symbol of feline power was born.

These days, a golf ball-sized Cartier Panthère ring on the hand makes a serious statement about power, glitz and spirited excess that few can pull off confidently, but consider the La Panthère collection of fragrance as a “gateway scent,” if you will, to increased passion and fascination from your object of desire.

If you’ve ever shied away from gardenia scents before as being too sweet and cloying, try Cartier’s La Panthère Eau De Parfum Légère, and its cleaner, tropical tiare gardenia paired with velvety musk notes will convince you and your paramour that delicate southern flowers can “have a dangerous feline side.”


All the Feels

Some fragrances are utterly shameless in their intentions to manipulate one into believing an atomized spray upon a pulse point can create certain feelings, and why not? Thousands of satisfied customers will tell you that Estée Lauder’s Happy will put a positive spin on things and Beautiful will make one feel more attractive.

However, if you are discerning in your daily fragrance choices and want a complex variety that’s likely to be a fair barometer of how you feel on your best-dressed, most refined and elegant day, then Salvatore Ferragamo’s Emozione is the one for you.

Here a sophisticated mélange of bergamot, suede and white musk is balanced nicely against more emotionally charged aromas of “mysterious” patchouli and white peach, and the scent wears nicely throughout the day into warm, spicy notes, like a bespoke suit with flaming red silk lining. Nice, naughty and all grown up.


So go on, let the verdant promise of spring open up all the wondrous possibilities on your horizon. Failing that, to paraphrase Miranda Lambert’s mother, “apply a great lip, splash on a great scent and get back out there, girl!”

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