Tackling High-Tech for the Next Big Gam

If you want to tailgate the high-tech way, here are few suggested items to keep your drinks cool (and blended), power up that portable TV and satellite dish and even display your patriotism and team passion.

Coolest Cooler

A cooler is a must-have for every outdoor event from tailgates to beach parties. And we’ve come a long way from those Styrofoam models. The Coolest is one of the most technologically advanced coolers on the market with features that will keep the party going all day and night.

Let’s begin with a built-in blender because, after all, you can’t tailgate without frozen margaritas or smoothies. A party isn’t a party without music, so the Coolest comes with a detachable Bluetooth speaker. It is splash proof and streams up to eight hours.

No worry about your phone dying as the Coolest has a built-in USB charger. An LED light makes it easy to see which bottle of brew you want to grab, and a bungee cord is embedded near the handle for tying down towels and other gear. Tailgate nirvana.

BACtrack Portable Breathalyzer

A smart tailgate host makes sure all guests have fun but also remain safe. The BACtrack S80 Pro portable breathalyzer is a great way to ensure everyone keeps things in check.

The small, handheld device has high accuracy with a convenient one-button operation for fast BAC results. Just press the power button and begin testing in seconds. It meets the requirements of the DOT for a personal breath alcohol screening device.

14’ Telescoping Flagpole

The main purpose of tailgating is to get fired up for your team’s game about to be played. So make sure you are literally flying the colors and representing your team, sport and even your country with a flag and flagpole.

To properly display your spirit, The American Tailgater Company offers most NFL and NCAA flags along with a collapsible flagpole and stand. If you’re a die-hard tailgater, then you’re going to love their catalog. There is something for everyone, including the high-tech tailgater.

PEAK Power Inverters

Power is essential for most of your tailgate accessories, and now you can utilize your car or truck to power up that TV or satellite dish.

PEAK makes a line of inverters that converts vehicle power to household power, making it simple to plug and play. Both the 400 and 1200 watt inverters are small and lightweight. You can plug them into your vehicle’s power/cigarette lighter socket or connect them directly to the battery under the hood.

Each inverter has two three-prong and one USB outlet. Its ETL certification means it is safe and will not damage the vehicle. And its automatic shutdown and alarm protects against overload, over temperature and low/high battery conditions.

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