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Wathen Audiophile Reference 3 Speakers

This Houston-based company produces elite products for the music industry and gives fans the sound quality that artists intended their music to sound like. The Reference series of speakers uses a unique construction process—there are virtually no flat surfaces. Flat surfaces tend to resonate and distort sound.

The Reference 3 is top-of-the line in terms of sound and look. The Aluminum/Neo Isolation System separates unwanted energy from its multi-chambered enclosure. This system allows for high definition sound without muddiness heard in other speaker brands.

These large floor speakers will stand out in your media room not only with outstanding sound but also their handcrafted good looks.

$8,500 wathenspeakers.com

Gator Pit of Texas Backyard Classic Chef – Lone Star Edition

We do many things the right way in Texas including barbecuing and smoking our meats. The right tools are important so when it’s time to find a grill or smoker, look no further than Gator Pit of Texas.

The products here are crafted for every environment including the most extreme barbecue competitions to backyard grilling contests with your neighbors. And if you plan to do it the right way this custom-made, double chamber pit should be the newest addition to your family.

The main chamber has dual 20-inch by 48-inch slide-out racks, a full-size heat deflector/ baffle, and adjustable tuning plates to allow for even temperature cooking. The 36-inch tall upright smokebox holds that wonderful smelling wood. Both chambers are equipped with stainless steel 3-inch dial temperature gauges and—for true Texans—this special-edition pit features a red, white and blue Texas star. Chow time!

$5,250 gatorpit.net

GMC Yukon XL

Easy does it. Just because I am suggesting a luxurious automobile doesn’t mean it is necessarily made in Detroit. Surprise…many General Motors Corp. vehicles have been built and assembled in Arlington for more than 60 years. The company currently produces Cadillac Escalades, the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, and my personal favorites, the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL.

The 2016 Yukon XL is a popular full-size SUV with fold-flat second- and third-row seats that enhance cargo capability and convenience. Yes it’s Texas-big. A few of the features include technologies to help protect the driver and passengers before, during and after a collision—like a forward radar system and a front center air bag.

An 8-inch diagonal color touch radio with IntelliLink enhances the driving pleasure. These new models sport an OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot to keep the driver and passengers connected and entertained. And if you really want to drive in style, check out the Denali line with classy touches of body design, upgraded grill and more features.

Starting at $47,740 gmc.com

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