The Latest Technology in Home Entertainment

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, companies from all over the world displayed some of the newest home entertainment products that will make your eyes and ears pop.


A company called IZON debuted its new range of 3DLED televisions that do not use any kind of glasses whatsoever—without losing the 3D effect that the movie studio worked so hard to produce. IZON uses a sub-pixel accurate alignment in the 3D display to create crisp 3Dimages. The TVs promise viewing angles of 150-degreesand supports 3D Blu-ray films, 3D broadcast content and2D content.


Meet the world’s biggest TV—the 110-inchUltra HDTV from Samsung. The movie-screen likeset boasts an 800-megapixel display and has already sold well in China, the Middle East and Europe, despite its $150,000 price tag.Ultra HDTVs have four times the resolution of typical HDTV sets. No worries if you aren’t ready for a 110-inch behemoth in your media room as they are available in much smaller sizes.


Sound bars continue to be popular but there’s a new product category in the one-box audio solutions: sound platforms—also known as sound plates, sound bases and sound pedestals. These devices sit flat on an entertainment stand or cabinet and function as a base for a television. Their increased cabinet volume allows for richer sound with more bass. The new LG Sound Plate looks sleek and sounds great but also boasts a wireless subwoofer for even richer sound. It even has a built-in Blu-ray player which makes it an attractive all-in-one option.

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