The Life of a Texas Jet Broker

Janine Iannarelli readily acknowledges her career as an aircraft broker just sort of happened. The founder of Par Avion Ltd. was in her final year at Montclair State University in New Jersey when she picked up a part-time job in the then-emerging aviation business.

My plan was to go on and get a job in advertising, but my bosses convinced me there was a future in this industry and that if I stayed with them, I’d have a greater chance of success,

Iannarelli says.

Fast-forward 30 years, and she’s running her own business, an aircraft brokerage firm specializing in Bombardier, Citation, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker and Phenom product lines.

Bringing people together to find the right products and the right pricing is what stays consistent in her day-to-day operations, she says. Her days frequently consist of brokering an aircraft sale, then coordinating financing for the transaction.

She counsels her prospective buyers to have a full pre-purchase evaluation conducted by experts in the particular model of aircraft. Each make and model of aircraft has problem areas, so these areas also get a visual inspection in addition to being highlighted on the evaluation. Pre-purchase affairs also include a full record review and of course, a test flight. Iannarelli is willing to take on most any project, but she avoids planes that have titles so encumbered that they are nearly impossible to untangle—nor does she pursue aircraft in parts of the world that are currently in conflict, embargoed or logistically difficult to get to. Other than that, the sky is the limit when choosing a plane to work with.

She says each transaction is a delicate affair. “There are lots of little tentacles to buying or selling an aircraft—and sometimes you’re not always sure which string to pull on.” Her favorite part of the process though, is working with people. “I’ve met so many interesting people over the course of all this,” she says. Some clients even evolved into good friends. So far in Iannarelli’s aerial adventures, the Falcon 900EX is her favorite—for its size, performance, beauty and its rich history. “Dassault makes one heck of an airplane,” she says.

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