The Oceano by La Sirena

Women have always played a leading role in the cigar industry. Because women tend to have more acute eyesight and tactile dexterity for dealing with fragile wrappers, they are relied upon in the cigar-manufacturing process. But that’s not where the dynamic force of the female stops. Women are setting the bar in other aspects of the industry, including owning cigar brands—which brings us to Arielle Ditkowich, the owner of La Sirena Cigars.

Arielle is a young woman from New York City who got her start in the cigar industry by hanging around her father’s cigar store. She was recruited by Miami Cigar & Company to be the brand ambassador for a line of cigars she created, La Sirena. Fittingly, La Sirena is Spanish for the “mermaid.” Like her namesake Disney character, Arielle made waves as she purchased her brands from Miami Cigar & Company and launched her own company, La Sirena Cigars.

This year, La Sirena released its third line, Oceano. The five sizes of cigars in this line are named after the oceans: Arctic, Southern, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific—the Pacific being the largest. The cigars are predominantly crafted from Dominican tobacco, with a smattering of Nicaraguan in the blend.

I smoked the Indian, which is 5 1/2-inch x 50 ring gauge. With few exceptions, one generally associates Dominican cigars with mild and creamy flavors. This cigar is a powerful smoke, with pepper, chocolate and earthy flavors. It produces copious amounts of smoke, and visually, it is a beautiful cigar. The packaging, like all of the cigars under the La Sirena label, is stunning. With three excellent blends, Oceano is a brand to watch.

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