The Recipe for Marriage

A recent survey asked 1,000 Americans what makes for a happy marriage. All sorts of ideas and concepts were mentioned, however, according to the marriage research, the predictable statements those surveyed provided such as equal division of household chores, double incomes, limiting how many children you had or being united on how you parented didn’t rank high. The marriage research did, however, uncover two very important ingredients that lead to marriage happiness and longevity.

According to marriage researchers, the two most important ingredients for marriage success and prevention of divorce are good, old-fashioned thoughtfulness (kindness) and generosity. The most important behaviors were rated according to importance:

  • Small acts of kindness toward each other.
  • Expressing affection.
  • Expressing respect.
  • Forgiveness of one another.
  • Generosity of expressing each of these and working together as a team rather than wanting it to be even or fair.
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