Three Chocolate Fantasies Worth Dieting For

For many of us, holidays and celebrations just aren’t the same without a specialty cake for dessert. Tortes, the German word for cake, are a scrumptious favorite made of fanciful cake layers sometimes laced with ground nuts and paved in satiny icing. Here are three chocolate fantasies worth dieting for. Which one takes the cake? Grab a fork!

Dreamy La Duni

Hailed as “the best place to share dessert” by many Dallas food experts, pastry chef and co-owner Dunia Borga turns out European inspired treats from her La Duni Baking Studio that are out-of-bounds delicious. Her flourless chocolate torte is the ideal gluten-free midnight chocolate fix. It looks dense but it melts in your mouth and is artistically crowned with a gorgeous handmade chocolate leaf.

During the holidays, she sprinkles each torte with 24-karat edible gold dust. Borga’s philosophy behind this extravagance? “Spoiling yourself should not be a luxury but as natural as leaves on a tree. And it should be done everyday,” Borga says. She maintains it’s easy to make the chocolate leaf garnish. “You brush the back part of a leaf that has veins—like mint or a lemon leaf—with melted chocolate. Once the chocolate is dry, peel it off and you have a perfect chocolate leaf in your hands,” Borga says. And the perfect torte in your mouth.

Dessert Shrine

The Dessert Gallery ushers in specialty cakes and tortes every year for the holidays and home entertaining. This towering awardwinning Texas Truffle Torte is a beloved favorite. “It was created for a charitable event back in 1995 where we won Best of Show. The combination of bourbon-laced whipped ganache, silky dark chocolate and toasted pecans proved to be irresistible,” owner Sara Brook says.

Showy and glossy painted in homemade dark chocolate ganache, the multiple layers inside the torte are super moist with an intensely flavored bourbon-laced truffle filling. Yes, there’s lots of butter and cream involved. The swoon-worthy, large handmade truffles that crown the torte are crafted with semisweet chocolate, bourbon and big toasty pecans. “Dark chocolate, a hit of bourbon and toasted pecans make this the epitome of a Texas treat,” Brook says. Dig in!

Sweetish Delight

For more than 30 years, Sweetish Hill Bakery has been wowing Austinites with enchanting specialty cakes, breads and other sinful sweets. Its signature Prinz Tom torte made of chocolate, mocha buttercream frosting and toasted almonds is divine. It’s a must-have treat for the holidays, and it sells out fast—so place your orders now. The moist and rich chocolate cake is made with high-quality dark Belgian chocolate.

The icing is mocha buttercream with no small hint of espresso. “It’s the same espresso that we prepare for our coffee beverages, so it definitely has a kick,” retail manager Jacob Boles says. The torte is paved in toasted almond slivers, which also appear inside the many layers of this decadent masterpiece, adding another dimension of nutty flavor. Finally, the cake is garnished with dark chocolate espresso beans. Prinz Tom torte for breakfast, anyone?

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