Three Killer Kabobs Found in Texas

Whether you call it shish kabob, spiedini or skewers, it just wouldn’t be a summer grill without these marinated, smoky flavored meats threaded with crispy peppers, juicy tomatoes, sweet charred onions and other garden treats. Sizzling on your backyard “Barbie” is best, but sometimes you can’t. So which Texas kabobs are hot enough to claim bragging rights? We’ve taken a stab at it. En garde!

Tricked Out in Houston

Who knew that fajitas could be kabobs? If you don’t have time to shop, chop, skewer and grill, Molina’s will bring the party to you. Plump, juicy and marinated in a limey-spicy mix, these grilled chicken kabobs with rich sizzling fajita flavor are the perfect meal on a stick. What more could you want than juicy chicken or beef, crisp bell pepper, caramelized onion, juicy cherry tomatoes and zucchini cooked with a grillmeister’s char? Well, maybe the fruity mango salsa that comes alongside, brightening things up even more. Plus, there are warm tortillas, salsa and Molina’s escabeche (marinated pickled carrots, jalapenos, onions and Mexican spices). This could be habit forming.

Exotic Kabob in Dallas

Chef owner Matt Pikar opened Nora in Dallas after a culinary career in Washington, D.C. where he owned Afghan Grill, known for the best kabobs in the area. Similarly, his menu at Nora showcases Afghan food, a rich and unusual mix of spices and cooking techniques. Nora’s meaty kabobs are immaculately seasoned with a mix of cardamom, saffron, cilantro, garlic, ginger, onions, chiles and other secrets before being carefully cooked over a fiery grill. Choose from salmon, chicken, rib eye, lamb, beef kofta or the combination—a mind-boggling feast of all the above. Each plate includes grilled vegetables red onion, eggplant, green pepper—drizzled with yogurt sauce and terrific saffron rice garnished with grated carrots, parsley and currants. Bob for this kabob!

Health Stick in Austin

Tarka Indian Kitchen—founded to be the casual version of the beloved Clay Pit—is fairly new to Austin. Along with everything else on the menu, the kabobs are the bomb—juicy creations that ignite with flavor. The chef steps up his skewers by marinating the meat in a surprisingly creamy concoction of garlic, ginger, cilantro, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and Indian spices. The secret? “We use a little cream cheese and yogurt as the base of the marinade to add a creamy tang,” co-owner Tinku Saini says. On the plate, you’ll see grilled veggies, basmati rice and refreshing mint-tamarind yogurt chutney. For a fun twist, the chicken kabob can be served over a crisp salad of greens with cucumbers, red onions, chickpeas and roti bread crisps, and finished with honey-tamarind dressing. Nutritious, light but satisfying—the ideal summertime bite.

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