Three Products to Tech Out Your Home

We spend 12 or more hours per day in our homes, so why not tech it out? Update your home with these products.

Juicepresso Platinum

“Juicing” can mean several different things, but in a healthy sense it means making fresh juice out of fruits and vegetables. There are many juicing machines on the market, but the best I’ve found so far is a cold press gadget called Juicepresso.

It operates at an incredibly slow 40 RPM (other cold press machines work at a much faster 80 RPM). This slower speed provides maximum juice extraction. Juicepresso provides up to 40 percent more juice than older model juicers, and because pressed juice lasts up to three days in your fridge, you can juice less often.

The patented one-piece extraction system makes it easy to clean; just pull out the three-in-one screw and place it in the dishwasher. Its small footprint makes it a great addition to any kitchen.


Axiim Q 7.1

Remember the days of pulling speaker wire through the drywall of your living room to set up your sound system? High-resolution wireless speakers can now deliver crisp audio simply by placing speakers around a room near an outlet.

The just-released Axiim Q 7.1 system is a sleek-sound home entertainment system that works that simple. With six HDMI inputs and four USB inputs, it is designed to be the central hub for a home’s entertainment universe of HDTVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players, game consoles and more.

The receiver has a small footprint, and the speakers have Danish-designed drivers. Included in the system are one center speaker, one subwoofer and six surround speakers.


Amazon Echo

Bluetooth speakers are some of the most convenient devices for listening to audio. The Amazon Echo is so much more than a Bluetooth speaker. This product—and future products of this ilk—may one day be ubiquitous in homes everywhere.

The Echo is a “smart” speaker that resembles a can of Pringles, about 9 inches tall and cylindrical. It can work in any room and when connected to a Wi-Fi network can play audio and listen to your commands. The Echo is voice-activated, cloud-connected and answers to the name Alexa, similar to Siri for iOS products.

The speaker fills the room with 360-degree audio from your phone, Prime Music account and iHeartRadio. It answers questions, reads audiobooks and the news, reports traffic and weather, provides sports scores and more.

“Alexa, please proofread my column.”


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