Tighten Up Your Nail Game

These days we’re all elevating our manicure game beyond basic lacquer and French tips. Whether you’re partial to polish, love long-lasting shellac or wedded to glue-and-go acrylics, put your best hand forward this holiday season.

Hard as Nails!

Let’s face it—you’re going to be running more errands, logging more heavy-duty kitchen hours and packing in more party time in these few holiday weeks than you did all of 2014, so your nails might as well live up to the challenge. If you want glossy, flawless fingertips that look as lovely on the 20th day as they did the minute you had them applied at your favorite salon, go the shellac route. Creative Nail Design (aka, CND) has some of the best shellac products on the market. Because this specially formulated lacquer is applied directly to the nail in several thin coats requiring time under a UV lamp for drying, you’ll want to find a CND-pro salon to have this professionally done. Fortunately, you can enter your postal code online and find dozens of salons throughout Texas that offer this uniquely durable nail service. cnd.com

Natural Beauty

A good manicure really gives your party rings and accessories that extra oomph, and Zoya polish goes the extra mile with both sparkly and matte shades that leave out the harsh chemicals. One of the first companies to create nail colors without formaldehyde, toluene, camphor or dibutyl phthalates, Zoya offers more than 200 natural nail polish shades to light up your fingertips on a cold winter’s night. Choose from a plummy shade called Sansa for va-va-voom drama, or a deep blue like Ryan, which lends your hands that ice princess cool.  their Remove product as well, for easy-off color changes. zoya.com

Tip-top Tips and Toes!

Even if you’ve worked like a squad of elves to make everyone else’s holiday perfect, maybe your nails look a little worse for wear. Acrylics are a great way to camouflage nail bed imperfections or stubby, chewed nails to instantly look as flawlessly festive as that tree you spent hours decorating. Try Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Nail Kit, with everything you need, including white or clear tips to change your hands from grubby to glamorous, then apply your favorite color on top. If you go the salon route, keep a few things in mind: acrylic manicures shouldn’t hurt, so make sure no one files down your natural nail too thinly before applying the tips, and conversely, don’t let anyone “pop off” your old acrylics at the next manicure. A licensed technician should use a drill or delicately hand-file the old acrylic tips down to a fine layer before soaking in acetone to carefully remove them. kissusa.com

So get your glam on and make your nails as lovely as the rest of your holiday decorations this year!

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