Travel High Tech on Your Next Flight

Traveling can be a hectic experience due to the hassles of TSA, lost luggage and flight delays. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pack accessories to lessen the headaches. Here are a few gadgets that will make your next trip a bit less stressful.

Bragi Dash

Headphones are a must when flying to drown out the crying baby seated behind you or listen to a movie. I prefer to pare down as many wires as I can when I am on the go, and the Bragi Dash allows for this.

These small wireless earbuds fit discreetly into your ears and pump out great audio. But unlike typical earbuds, the Bragi Dash does not necessarily need a Bluetooth connection to your phone or audio source. They have 4GB of internal storage so you can play audio directly from them.

They can be personalized via an app to learn many actions including nodding your head to accept a phone call or shaking your head to decline it. These earbuds can even replace your activity tracker as they can track your time, cadence and heartbeat. $299


The two worst words for me when I travel are “No Service.” I’m not talking about hotel room service but rather when my cellphone can’t find a signal. There still are many places around the world that don’t receive cell service, but a smart device called goTenna can keep you in contact with others.

It is a system that creates a wireless network that lets you send text messages and your location between phones when there is no cellphone service. Think of it like a walkietalkie but for texting. It’s not a complete replacement for your regular cell network, though, because you can’t use it for phone calls or go online.

To use the system each phone must have the small, stick-like goTenna nearby and then pair it via Bluetooth. There is a downloadable map of the world to share your location with other goTenna users. The company says a range of up to 3 miles in an open environment can be expected. $149/pair

eGeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock

Losing your luggage may be one of the worst things to happen on a trip, but finding out someone has opened your bag without your permission is not good either. Travel experts suggest using locks on your bags, but I remember losing the key to mine once and having to break it open with a hammer.

The eGeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock brings technology and security to your luggage. Simply pair your smartphone, smartwatch or any NFC-enabled smart device to secure and unlock luggage.

A built-in TSA approved key lock for U.S. airports is also included. Some models have a proximity tracking feature so you will never leave your bags behind (or at least the max range of 30 feet away).

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