Ways to Protect and Repair Your Hair

Keeping great looking hair in the Texas sunshine is not for wimps and the prep work involved before stepping outside is not for the faint of heart.

There’s sunblock and moisturizer to slather, refreshing libations and insect sprays to gather, and woe to the soul that doesn’t have at least two backup pairs of sunnies because crow’s feet only look good on Clint Eastwood. But pause one more time for the cause because your poor hair is going to get the worst of it if you don’t do your prep work before heading out in the heat.

After all, you spent a small fortune on those tousled and effortless tresses this year; why let any of it fry and die on the vine, so to speak, when there are some really great products that can help you repair and/or treat damaged hair?

A Girl’s Best Friend

And if you’re enjoying a new hair color (or three) this season, amp up those lights high and low with a little sparkle and shine, courtesy of Redken’s Diamond Oil Shine Airy Mist. Beachy hair looks casual and improvised, but savvy sun worshippers know that it can be one of the most difficult looks to pull off without one’s hair looking dull and frizzy.

After shampooing and conditioning, hold the spray about 6-10 inches away from your damp hair and give the whole head about five or six pumps, then gently finger comb or style loosely on low, slow heat. The finished result should look as airy and bright as any surfer Cali babe, but with brilliant Texas shine.


Fight The Frizz

Everyone knows chlorine is the enemy of summer hair and almost impossible to avoid, but with a little insurance against the deleterious effects of this harsh chemical, you can keep ahead of the damage and come out smelling like a rose instead of the kiddie pool.

Try the three-step suite of Proganix’s Pro-Series Hair Care Range and the hair cuticle itself is better protected against being stripped of color and healthy texture. The shampoo and conditioner products in this range are swimming in Ceramide 3, which will boost the cuticle’s protective layer against breaks and splits, and the pH factor found in the aloe vera ingredient helps seal the cuticle against frizz, as well as aid in detangling.


Quelle Damage?

Let’s face it. You’ve tried your best to keep the sun from frying your hair, but let’s suppose the worst has happened and you’re looking at a dried-out straw mess in the mirror.

Even the most damaged mane of hair will benefit from a good old-fashioned mask treatment, and Pureology’s Strength Cure Restorative Masque has the right cocktail of amino acids to really get in there and repair weakened hair. Soothe your senses while soothing your hair with Pureology’s signature aromatherapy blend of lavender, honey peach and vanilla.


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