What Does Your Kitchen Décor Say About You?

Do you ever enter someone’s kitchen and immediately get a sense of his or her personality based on the color or décor?

For example, if a kitchen features neutral hues and streamlined appliances, do you get the idea that its owner is a minimalist with a neat and organized personality? Likewise, if you enter a kitchen with patterned wallpaper, knit dishtowels, pots on the stove and glass art on the walls, do you get the impression that its owner is a happy-go-lucky type? Kitchens of all styles can tell a lot about the homeowner. With the vast array of color-coordination, appliance and decoration options, there are countless ways to give off a first impression via your kitchen.

You might be wondering what your kitchen says about you. Eli Mechlovitz, home design expert and owner of glasstilestore.com, put together a list to help you discover what effect your kitchen has on someone’s first impression. Use it to discover what your kitchen says or try other decor options to express a different side of your personality.

Light Greens & Blues

From light blue pans to wasabi green dish towels, to an aqua and green tile backsplash, decorating your kitchen with blues and greens tells others that you have a relaxed, tranquil disposition. Your guests will immediately feel at peace and content when they step into your kitchen.

Ethnic-Inspired Palette

Decorating your kitchen with teal blue, khaki and bright yellow dish towels along side Spanish-style decorations tells others that you are an inspired and cultural being. Choose utensils and a tile backsplash featuring this ethnic-inspired palette to show off your love for immersing in different cultures.

Bold & Eye-Catching Colors

Decorating your kitchen with bold colors such as royal purple, gold and red tells your guests that you are an outgoing, creative thinker. Try royal purple dishtowels, shimmery gold pots, a vibrant blue backsplash and a red rug to show off your spunky and daring side.

Messy & Disorderly

If your kitchen is in a state of disarray—with dirty pots on the stove, dishes stacked up in the sink, crumbs and papers on the table—it tells others that you live a hectic lifestyle leaving little time to relax. If you see your kitchen in a cluttered messy state, schedule 30 minutes in your day to wipe down the counters, throw the dishes in the dishwasher and get a little organized. This will immediately make you (and your future guests!) feel at ease and comfortable.

Metallic & Chrome Finishes

If you have a stainless refrigerator and stove and a backsplash featuring mixed metals, your kitchen tells others that you are a confident go-getter driven by success. It also lets them know that you love entertaining and would be the first person to throw a fantastic wine and cheese party.

Black & White

If your kitchen has black counters, white cupboards, black pots and pans, and black polka dot dishtowels, you give a sophisticated and confident first impression. Choose a black and white color palette to show off your cosmopolitan and modish side!

Home-Sweet-Home Cozy

From dish towels featuring knitted animals to cast-iron pans on the stove to fruit patterned wallpaper and cushioned chairs, this style tells others you are a happy-go-lucky homemaker. It gives off the impression that you are nurturing and want all your guests fed and cheerful.

Minimalist & Neutralized

Choosing streamlined, ergonomic appliances and a backsplash featuring a neutral palette lets others know you are a neat, organized, critical thinker who dislikes clutter and values efficiency. It also tells them that you are a fan of to-do lists and getting things done in a timely manner.

Once you’ve identified what your kitchen says about you, use the kitchen profiles to show off a different facet of your personality.

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